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TEK Military Seating is showing several new innovations at DSEI 2017 (stand N8-220) - continuing its investment and growth of the ProTEK® brand of military vehicle seating. ProTEK® is fast becoming the brand of choice across the globe because of its innovative design, improved functionality and the protection levels offered.

Military seating has come of age, seldom do vehicle builders, integrators and users view seating as a low cost necessity, with little thought or consideration given to generic integration. Modern military vehicles fully utilise GVA, with seating being an important element within each platform - the importance of seat ergonomics, safety and protection are all vital considerations when designing and formulating the modern MRAP vehicle. To that end ProTEK® offers a bespoke answer, based on well-engineered modular seating solutions which can be tailored to meet the requirements of just about any vehicle platform.

Protection from the effects of IEDs and land mines remain an area where seating can offer life-saving protection levels. Blast attenuating seating was formulated to reduce ‘G’ forces to survivable levels - as our understanding and experience has grown, modern seating is tailored to complement vehicle velocity rates which has resulted in even greater protection for our troops.

Innovation technology

The use of innovation technology such as ProTEK® SV has revolutionised blast protected seating - so much so that today fully certified Stanag 4569 AEP55 Vol 3 protection levels can be achieved without the need to have stroking seats within some vehicles.

Often in the past new vehicles were designed to offer very little commonality across various platforms, indeed regularly platform seating was bespoke, which made integration in other platforms problematic and expensive. Today, far more focus is given on modularity and flexibility, sharing GVA across different fleets where possible - reflected within the ProTEK® range of vehicle seating.

ProTEK® seating has been designed around common-sense basic requirements - the need for a robust seat frame which has the facility to integrate integral harness restraints as standard, typically to M1 or M2 safety ratings, and modularity by design. The ProTEK® range offers a wide variety of modules which can be added to the seat without any loss of safety, greatly increasing flexibility and the requirements of the platform. These modules can be fitted and removed as the operational conditions demand - even our blast attenuation units are modular so they can be fitted as needed and seats can be upgraded to full blast protection when the demand requires.

The benefit to the user is that vehicle seating is more tailored to the requirements and not just a ‘one fit for all’ solution. The ProTEK® range offers unrivalled modularity, flexibility and cost effectiveness for most types of military vehicles - unlike many of our competitors, vehicle seating is our core product where investment in innovation is a constant.

We look forward to meeting you during DSEI 2017 and demonstrating our innovative ProTEK® range on stand N8-220 – just look for the ProTEK® brand.

Photo: Typical MRAP vehicle fitted with ProTEK® DC Commander and Driver and crew seats

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